Including Media in Canvas

By Lauraine Hawkins

One of my favorite aspects of Canvas is how simple it is to include media.

Many of us create and upload Word documents and Powerpoint files as part of our courses. This process works in similar ways in ANGEL and in Canvas. Once you have uploaded a file in Canvas, it is simple to include it in a module. On the module page, click on the + sign for add item on the title line of the module, choose add file, then click on the file you want. Once the file is included in the module, editing options include publish (icon is a green cloud with a checkmark), unpublish (icon is a grey cloud with an X), or restricted access (icon is an orange cloud with a padlock). Choices for restricted access are to limit availability to students with a link or to schedule availability. I like to make my teaching Powerpoints available for review after the class in which I use them, so I schedule the “available from <date and time>”.  

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