Canvas Prides (equivalent to ANGEL groups) now available

Prides, informal collaborative spaces in Canvas that can be created by faculty, staff, and students, are available now. Prides can be used for research/scholarship, study groups, or service. They are the Canvas equivalent of ANGEL Groups.

To create a Pride, select Request a Pride on the right of the Canvas dashboard under Request Course Spaces. Users can create a maximum of ten Prides. Prides cannot be deleted or archived at this time. For more information on how to access and use Prides, please see

Please note: Prides do not have Gradebook functionality. Users with Friends of Penn State (FPS) accounts cannot create or be enrolled in Prides.

Access to all current ANGEL Groups will end on October 31. In addition to Prides, alternatives for ANGEL Groups include Box, Qualtrics, Sites at Penn State, or Yammer.

Please contact with any questions.