BRYAN OLLENDYKE - Instruction Systems Developer


Instruction Systems Developer

Bryan Ollendyke is the e-Learning Institute’s Instructional Systems Developer. He is responsible for the technology solutions that support engaging online courses in the College of Arts and Architecture. He is the lead developer on a platform developed by the Institute called ELMS Learning Network (ELMSLN). ELMSLN is a collaboratively produced platform for producing and sustaining innovation in educational technology. ELMS has previously won two Innovator of the Year awards from Campus Technology (2010, 2011).

ELMSLN is utilized by several colleges at Penn State and beyond. It is built on top of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and has made significant contributions to the larger Drupal community. Code developed as a result of ELMS has been downloaded over 940,000 times and has over 16,000 reported installations. Automation technology developed for the project has helped improve build quality and optimized developer workflows on over 32,000 environments alone.

Bryan has been working on projects under the ELMS / ELMSLN name for e-Learning since he started in 2007. Bryan is a founding member of the local Drupal @ Penn State community and a leading voice in using Drupal for Education Technology in the larger Drupal community. He often speaks on topics of Open Education, the future of information technology, and Drupal best practices. Bryan has presented at Campus Technology, SLOAN, Dozens of Drupalcamps, Designs on e-Learning, and Open Ed.

  • B.S. College of Information Sciences & Technology (2006)
  • M.S. College of Information Sciences & Technology (2015)