Bill Rose - Assistant Director of Instructional Design


Assistant Director of Instructional Design

Bill joined the e-Learning Institute as the Senior Instructional Designer/Project Manager in November, 2005. In this role, Bill oversees the Institute’s instructional design methodology, designs a portion of the new courses being developed by the Institute, and manages several of the Institute’s projects at any given time. As the Senior ID, he works closely with the Director, the team, and the faculty to facilitate the production of quality online courses in a timely manner.

Just prior to joining the e-Learning Institute, Bill worked in the IST Solutions Institute as an Instructional Designer, developing courses for Online IST, as well as for external firms such as Lockheed Martin. Bill received his M.S. degree in Instructional Technology in 1991 from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. His graduate studies grounded him in learning theory, instructional design process, effective courseware creation, and team-based software development. His first position was that of Multimedia Developer for a company that created computer-based training for the corporate sector.

Bill then came to Penn State in 1994, joining the Department of Independent Learning as an Instructional Designer. Since then, he has been a member of several instructional design and development units around the University and has gained considerable experience in a range of e-Learning approaches.