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An idea on a white board three years ago has transformed from a project that no one had the time to pursue into an innovative way of streamlining the development of an online course.

Penn State geodesign graduate student Jesse Suders studied how the design of two new Olympic venues — an Aquatics Center and Vel

When a city considers putting together a bid to someday host a future Olympic Games, dozens of entities and stakeholders get involved.

Karly Etz at the Palmer Museum of Art

When Randy Ploog, the recently retired coordinator of international programs for the College of Arts and Architecture, developed AA100: Introduction to International Arts as the foundation course for the international arts minor, he did not anticipate that it would become a popular general educat

Student taking an online course

The Office of Digital Learning in the College of Arts and Architecture is pleased to announce its summer course offerings. During the two summer semesters, students can discover or reconnect with their passions for art, music, design, and many other related subjects.

Nikki Massaro Kauffman

The Office of Digital Learning is pleased to welcome Nikki Massaro Kauffman, programmer/analyst, to the team. She will be joining us from Penn State Outreach’s Learning Design unit where she was part of the programming, multimedia, and user experience teams.

Gary Chinn

In recognition of the increasing scope of digital learning, the College of Arts and Architecture’s e-Learning Institute will be renamed the Office of Digital Learning, effective April 1. Gary Chinn, director of the e-Learning Institute, will become assistant dean for digital learning.

This screenshot of the digital studio shows where student artwork is displayed and viewable by others in the class.

When transferring a resident course to an online format, course designers face many challenges. Those challenges become even more complex for arts classes that require constant student interaction and feedback.

Lori Levan teaching the course

Like the art of drawing itself, Art 020: Introduction to Drawing, a fully online general education course, has taken time to perfect.

A student's final design concept for mixed-use development near a new baseball stadium for the Atlanta Braves.

The best way for students to learn about geodesign is to apply their learning to real world projects, especially because many of the online students are already in the workforce.

The Great Mosque in Cordoba, Spain from Heather McCune's recent visit.

Whether a student takes an introductory art history course in a classroom or at a computer in an active battle zone, Heather McCune Bruhn, instructor in art history, wants the experience to be transformative.

Peter Aeschbacher draws a diagram online

Online education is undoubtedly changing the ways in which students learn. Through his online course, Arts and Architecture 121: Design, Design Thinking, and Creativity, Peter Aeschbacher is helping change the way students think.

Michael Collins

The College of Arts and Architecture’s eLearning Institute is launching the first Penn State World Campus online interdisciplinary, multi-college bachelor’s degree program, Digital Multimedia Design (DMD), in collaboration with the College of Communications and College of Information Sciences and

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ELMS Learning Network (ELMSLN) is an open source educational technology platform for building and sustaining innovation in course technologies.

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The acronym O. A. R. S. (Observation, Analysis, Reflection, Synthesis) represents the heart of what we will do in this course. Throughout the course, you will be acquiring and refining the skills necessary to conduct informed and insightful examinations of film music.